Premiere: Sauvage Back – Walk In [Bamboleo Records]

Team NO sleep is here to stay. Bamboleros love long parties and extended sets, and Sauvage Back has provided the perfect soundtrack for your next marathon. The Italian artist makes his Bamboleo debut with ‘No Sleep’ EP, backed up by a techy and jazzy remix by Londonground. Opening with the energetic and jackin’ tones of the title cut ‘No Sleep, the EP on offer exactly showcases the futuristic approach of the Bamboleo sound. The lead track offers dubby stabs, soulful vocals, booming bass tones, and fast skipping grooves for a heady, irresistible journey on the dancefloor. Next, ‘Walk In’ is a more menacing tool with swirling leads, twisted basslines, and a hazy pairing of echoing elements and spacey pads. Closing the EP, Argentinian DJ and producer Londground (elrow Limited, Moan) puts his hands on the main track, turning ‘No Sleep’ into a wobbling, stripped-back, classy tool ready to set any club on fire. It’s safe to say, don’t sleep on this one!

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