Premiere: Drag & Drop – Not Even Close [TBX Limited]

TBX Limited is proud to present ‘Pride EP’ a very special two-tracker that not only showcases the Drag & Drop duo’s distinctive sound but also introduces JIZZ’s innovative remixing approach. The main track is a testament to their artistry, seamlessly blending the infectious grooves of synths, the warmth of house organs, a tantalizing acid line, and an irresistibly groovy bassline. The result is a cool vibe that sweeps listeners into a rhythmic reverie. Enter JIZZ, the maestro behind the remix. With deft hands, he rearranges the original, adding his hypnotizing touch to the stems. The remix becomes a dynamic manifestation of high-energy pressure, a sonic journey fueled by the cool harmony of synths, a pulsating bassline, and ethereal outer-space pads. ‘Not Even Close’ is a sonic powerhouse, featuring a hypnotizing bassline, catchy drum beats, and magical synths. The track is a dynamic blend of elements that creates an mesmeric and entrancing experience. This release is a celebration of the vibrant minimal house scene, offering a captivating beats and infectious rhythms.

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