Premiere: Ratier – Aura [D Edge Records]

Influential DJ, producer, club and label owner Renato Ratier launches new moniker Ratier with brilliant new LP, ‘Ritual’.
Renato Ratier has very much shaped the Latin American house underground over the last two decades. He is the driving force behind the legendary D-Edge club in Sao Paulo. Renato is also the creator of Surreal Park in Camboriú, located in the south of Brazil, a super club spanning 92 thousand square meters with 6 dance floors inspired by the surrealist art movement—a blend of artistic experiences that extend beyond music. He has recently opened a new D-Edge in Rio de Janeiro as part of a huge new Cultural Center across multiple floors. It is a multicultural space that reflects his principles of passion, dedication, purpose, and authenticity. He has taken his sounds to all the world’s finest clubs and released EPs on Get Physical, Gigolo, Kompakt, Light My Fire, and No.19 Music, among others. His debut album ‘Black Belt’ and 2016 follow-up ‘Youniverse’ took him to new heights and ensured he is now one of the most sought-after Brazilian DJs in the world.
This majestic musical trip of Ritual opens with the bubbly deep house of ‘Aura’ complete with steamy vocals and cosmic pads. ‘Mantra’ is a collab with L_cio that journeys up amongst the stars on a warming bassline. There is more grit to the bass rumbles of the excellent ‘Cerimonia’ while jungle ambiance and bird calls keep things organic and continue through the bouncing house funk of ‘Ventre’ which is lead by a mystic and tribal flute.
The fantastic ‘Dialeto’ is another house groove with rich sound designs and plenty of tropical charm from playful horns to charming melodies, and ‘Profeta’ is alive with wooden hits, shakers, and a killer bassline full of subtle funk that provides a great foundation for a preacher vocal. ‘Terra’ layers up loose Latin percussion and more hypnotic flutes, ‘Jamila’ has soulful vocal flair and lush strings, and ‘Sopro’ brings a chunky tech house with a colorful carnival atmosphere. The final trio of expertly produced and atmospheric sounds includes ‘Abençoado’ with its old school Chicago house monologue, the trance-inducing house of ‘Bamboo’, and freewheeling indigenous melodies and vocal chants of the sublime ‘Ritual’.
The album will also be released in Dolby Atmos, which is an advanced audio technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. The main feature of Dolby Atmos is its ability to create a three-dimensional sound experience by adding a vertical dimension to traditional audio, providing a more immersive and realistic audio experience.
‘Ritual’ by Ratier is released via D Edge Records on the 22nd of December.

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