Premiere: Leon – Let Me Be (Perky Wires Remix) [TBX Records]

TBX is thrilled to present the latest release from Leon, entitled ‘Let Me Be’. This exciting release features Leon’s iconic house organs with a twist, and also includes two amazing remixes from Perky Wires and Ranger Trucco. Each artist brings their unique style to the remixes, creating a well-rounded and dynamic listening experience.

‘Let Me Be’ is an electrifying track that will have you dancing from start to finish. With its amazing and bouncy beat, you won’t be able to resist moving your body to the rhythm. The addition of cool vocal samples and organs on top creates a unique and captivating sound that will keep you hooked.

Perky Wires are taking the original to a whole new level. Their remix features an added touch of groove with a hypnotizing bass line that will have you moving your body uncontrollably. The rearrangement of the original organs in a unique and captivating way adds a new dimension to the track, transporting you to another world entirely. With its seamless blend of old and new elements, Perky Wires’ remix is a must-listen for fans of the original and anyone looking for a fresh sound.

Ranger Trucco’s remix of ‘Let Me Be’ is a complete reimagining of the original track. With a fresh take on the original elements, this remix creates an amazing garage groover. The rearrangement of the original parts is done in a creative and innovative way, breathing new life into the track and taking it in a completely new direction. With its infectious rhythm and captivating energy, Ranger Trucco’s remix is a must-listen. Get ready to experience a whole new side of ‘Let Me Be’ with this incredible remix!

Supprted by: Jamie Jones, Cuartero, Archie Hamilton, Dimmish, Seb Zito, Mihai Popoviciu, Yaya, Paco Osuna, Hector Couto, Jean Pierre, Wheats, Richy Ahmed, Jesse Maas, Mendo, Ray Mono, Proudly People, ALISHA, Toni Varga, Carlo Lio, Daniel Orpi, LondonGround, Steve Lawler, Nautica, Manda Moor, Late Replies, Artmann, Melanie Ribbe, Den Haas, Mr. Diamond, Chad Andrew, Francisco Allendes, Sam Divine, CLAPTONE, Funkerman, Artslaves, Dragosh, Kreutziger, Wlad, Nacho Bolognani, Louden and many moreā€¦

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