Premiere: Alex Neri – H-Arp Odissey [Caposile Music]

After Caposile, at the peak of his growth, now consacrate as one of the most sought and removed clubs in the Italian and world undergoing circuit, is back to release high level music, returning to pressing on vinyl in its acclaimed label the second volume of “The Sound of Garden”.

Spring 2024 deserved a release made by an exceptional cast, it will be always divided in to parts, both 12”, and it will include an incredible team of artists led by the visionary and immortal master Alex Neri, the local phenomenon known for his productions in Slow Life and Altered Circuits: Paolo Mosca, our family members and residents Twineffect and Maggio, the duo Francesco Maddalena and Manuel De Lorenzi, Lee Burton, Jamahr, Franko Lopez and Matteo Point.

A perfect mix of artists who strongly believe in the club and in what we transmit as an experience to live, these tracks are explosiveness, elegance, magnetism, each with a different facet of house music: progressive, balearic, electro, acid, this double vinyl contains everything that the dancefloor requires and it is a transposition into music of the current vibe that can be felt at After Caposile’s garden.

The first volume begins with the mastery of the multifaceted and always prolific artist Alex Neri who never makes a mistake, and even after years continues to release masterpieces, like this one: “H-Arp Odyssey”, which already from the title we can imagine as an instrument takes the lead in the construction of the piece, a rush of adrenaline that immediately makes it clear what awaits us.

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