Premiere: Perky Wires – Cheesecake [TBX Records]

Perky Wires are the next artists to be released on TBX Records. Their impressive ‘Cheesecake’ EP features three unique and original masterpieces. The main track is called ‘Cheesecake’, as you might easily guess. It starts with cool analog retro drum-loop, and then funky bass, spacey pads, and memorable vocals gradually come in, creating a highly energetic pattern. ‘Exploited’ is based on extremely punchy kick-drum paired with a groovy bassline, delightful synth chops, and a chic vocal theme. While dipping into the combination of these sounds, the listener subtly enters a delightful state of mind. The final track namde ‘Dimensions’ carries enormous energy, stemming from the superb combination of a robust bass with other elements of the track, such as drums, synths, and cosmic fx-es. Be careful, because you might overlook the fact that your foot is unconsciously tapping to the rhythm of the track. Enjoy!

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