Premiere: Nixxie – Hollow Scene (The Mekanism Remix) [Mindgame Records]

MINDGAME Records welcomes Greek artist Nixxie for a sublime new EP that comes with a remix from the one and only man of the moment The Mekanism. Nixxie is a multi-disciplinarian Mykonos resident, who also owns the Maera Music label.

Hollow Scene kicks off this fine EP with dreamy deep house beats and lush, spine tingling chords. They wash over you like waves on a hot day and are full of heart aching emotion. Dala is a more percussive number with gentle toms and congas peppering the groove and rubbery beats rolling deep under lush chords.

Last of all, Hollow Scene (The Mekanism Remix) is a super rework with fresh synths bringing light and soul to the warm, cuddly groove. It’s perfect for back rooms and real house heads.

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