Premiere: Sidney Charles – Bassline Theory [MicroHertz]

Archie Hamilton brings in another heavyweight artist to MicroHertz in the form of German maestro Sidney Charles who unveils three powerful tracks on his ‘X-Files EP’ that are guaranteed to do damage to dance floors this spring.

Sidney Charles has already stormed into 2023 with tours in South America, and gigs in the UK, Netherlands and Spain, which comes off the back of a heavyweight and action packed 2022. The Heavy House Society label owner has delivered essential dance floor cuts, not only through his own imprint, but also on influential labels such as Hot Creations, Tamango, Eastenderz and now MicroHertz. Sidney Charles has cemented his place as one of the leading artists in the scene and 2023 looks set to be another mighty year for the prolific German.

Dropping his debut release on MicroHertz, he has delivered three delectable cuts for dance floor action on his ‘X-Files EP’. The lead track is ‘Unocace’ with a deep and luxurious groove, where Charles showcases his raw and dubbier side of his production skills. Its hypnotic and ever evolving arrangement will be captivating floors and leave people wanting more.

Next up is ‘Bassline Theory’, where Charles takes you back to the old school yet in 2023 style as he lets loose with analogue beats, stabs, scratches as he delivers a peak time weapon that is certainly going to be a big hit for dancers and DJ’s alike.

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