Premiere: Odette – Free [TBX Limited]

TBX Limited is proud to present the latest EP by the talented producer Odette. With her signature sound, she has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with her unique blend of groovy beats and catchy groove. The ‘Right Thing’ EP features three minimal tracks that showcase her musical genius and leave listeners craving for more. Kicking off with the title track, ‘The Right Thing,’ Odette delivers a captivating vibe with her velvet-smooth pads and infectious synth stabs. The track’s booming bassline and driving drums create a dancefloor-ready anthem that will have you moving and grooving in no time. The EP then takes a different turn with ‘Free,’ which features hypnotical acid line and subtle percussion, creating a dreamy sonic landscape that perfectly complements Odette’s EP. The minimalist approach to production allows her to take center stage, making for a powerful and bouncy experience for the listener. Closing out the EP is ‘Solar Captain’, an upbeat and funky banger that showcases Odette’s versatility as a producer. With its infectious drop and addictive groove, the track is the perfect conclusion to an EP that leaves you wanting more. Overall, ‘The Right Thing’ EP is a masterful display of Odette’s talents as a groove creator. Her minimalist is sure to please fans of electronic music.

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