Premiere: Olive F – Enter The Olive (Vincent Caira Remix) [MOXY MUZIK]

Moxy Muzik isn’t letting up the pressure as it drops a brand new and seriously hefty EP featuring an original from a core part of the label family, Olive F, with remixes from Jordan Peak & Toronto‚Äôs Jason Hodges and Vincent Caira

Olive F is well versed in house music from across the ages and distills all that into her own unique, club-ready weapons. Her Enter The Olive is a well designed and robust Chicago House tune that starts with raw as you like drums before disco-tinged loops, melodies and filters bring the colour. After the first drop the drums bang again and the whole process repeats in a tune that is sure to take the dance floor into rapture.

Enter The Olive (Vincent Caira Remix) is stripped back and more hard edge – no frills, sweat inducing house music for the hardcore heads. Jordan Peak’s Remix brings an almost Wild Pitch style with lots of raved up synth stabs, cut up loos and fizzing textured reminiscent of the classic DJ Pierre project. Jason Hodges rounds out with his remix which is riddled with muted keys, well being drums and plenty of classic New York house tropes.

This is another explosive EP from Moxy Muzik.

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