Premiere: Perky Wires – New Beat [Cyclic Records]

An exceptional compilation by Cyclic Records, consisting of four tracks, conveys the Cyclic perspective of what the contemporary minimal/deep tech sound should sound like and features authentic minimal vibes.
The opening track called ‘New Beat’ is made by Perky Wires and features outer space synths, deep and low baseline, tight drum beat and atmospheric vocal cuts. The VA continues with a tune created by label boss Mihai Popoviciu, named ‘Vigilance’, that dips the listener in another dimension. The track is full of pure groove coupled with deep pads and hypnotizing drum-work. For the third track comes ‘Future What’ by James Dexter, who shows his amazing production skills, delivering and deep house track full of mysterious sounds that expands your consciousness. The closing Azteca’s ‘Metronomic’ is based on really thick low-end laced up with perfectly arranged melodic cuts and destroyed vocals that instantly make you bounce.

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