Premiere: Louden – Time Machine [Heavy House Society]

Sidney Charles’ Heavy House Society is back with another dope release. This time we bring you Italian label newcomer Louden, who with this 3 track EP takes another massive step in the electronic music scene.

Characterized by fresh grooves, solid bass lines and sparkling, sweet textures, Louden’s sound is perfect for us here at HHS, and having the backing by the likes of label boss Sidney Charles, Santé, wAFF, De La Swing and Dale Howard to name a few, we’re sure that this isn’t the last time you hear from Louden.

This 3 tracker begins with the title track ‘Lucky Cat’. A tune that comes at you right out of the gates with its punchy beats and an eerie almost haunting synth tone that slowly but surely leads you to the first drop where you guessed it, the bassline drops like a ton of bricks and fuses with sweeping chords and catchy synth stabs. Next up we have ‘Alter Flavour’, a strange name for the track as we expect this bad boy to be everyone’s flavour. Again, the skippy, almost jacking beats fires the engine up before the bass line, tasty atmospheric sounds and on-point stabs make you realize it’s time to put the seat belt on before an accident happens. Not only is this track going to be a staple in many DJ sets, but it’s also definitely going in our bag.

Finally, we have ‘Time Machine’, a very fitting name because after having a groove to this, we suspect many clubbers would want the chance to go back again and again and again. Again he flexes his production skills utilizing funky bass lines, catchy beats, lush synths and sweeping pads. This solid track is the perfect way to end another top release by HHS.

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