Premiere: Gaddison – Shutter [Gaddison Music]

Gåddisøn’s voyage into deeply atmospheric house and techno continues with the fifth outing on Gaddison Music.
This underground UK mainstay has been making music for 20 years. In that time, the Surrey-based artist has mastered a minimalistic approach to groove that has earned him a global profile. He has played clubs like 93 Feet East and Ministry of Sound and released on labels such as Whoyostro, Maintain Replay Records and Quanticman Records. His recent work has climbed high in digital charts and found its way into the record bags of Stacey Pullen, Terry Francis and Marco Faraone. Once again here he draws on many years of being immersed on the dance floor to cook up three hypnotic tracks.
Timeless opener ‘Infectious’ is a deep roller with pinging, rubbery kicks. Undulating chords bring dynamism while a meditative lead emerges from the mix, ups the energy levels and heads into the future. The drums on ‘Shutter’ are again exquisitely designed to be fulsome and bouncy as a more gnarly synth line unfolds up top. The addition of some jungle-like sounds, distant synth smears and tribal-style effects all make this one a perfectly chunky number. Superb closer ‘Surge’ exhibits Gåddisøn’s skill for sound design once more – the wet hits, the catchy synth stabs and the smooth, locked-in drum work all draw you in. Lots of lush and deft sonic details then keep your mind occupied as your body moves.
Infectious is another EP of sublime and heady sounds from this ever-more essential artist.

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