Premiere: Luca Donzelli – Dat Astrocyte [likeminded]

The excellent likeminded label hits a extraordinary sixth release delivered by Luca Donzelli and UK’s top producer Jansons on remix duty.

Italian Donzelli has been a mainstay of the underground scene for years with releases on labels like Moscow Records, Heavy House Society and hedZup to just name a few. His tracks always find their way into the Top100 and climb high up. Luca’s tracks are making waves on the dance floor and so will this one in fine style.

‘Dat Astrocyte’ opens up with slick drums and slithering synths taking you on a cosmic trip. It’s high speed, futuristic and certain to make an immediate impression on any dance floor around the globe.

The name Jansons needs no further introduction. His productions are remarkable and so is his remix for the a-side stripping things back to a more basic acid groove. Crisp breakbeats power it forwards and sci-fi strings add a extra deep atmosphere to this broken beat house track. Close your eyes let him take you on a space safari.

A superbly seductive house track! ‘Even Higher’ combines rich vocals, soulful synths and lovely hi-hats that bring real air and coolness to this groove. It’s a timeless jam for sure.

‘Hormonellation’ closes out the EP with celebratory keys and hands-in-the-air pads. The drums are big and driving and cannot fail to sweep over the club infectious ways.

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