Premiere: Ion Ludwig – West [Unreleased]

The ever cultured Ion Ludwig is next up on the esteemed Unreleased Ltd label with a new three tracker that once again shows off his intricate studio skills.

Ludwig has long been turning out killer tunes on labels like UGold and Sushitech and he does it again here. Deventroit is a deep and loopy groove with warm, silky bass and catchy vocal samples stitched in to bring the soul. It really gets you in a spell and then West picks up the pace with more turbulent bass and gritty percussion as well as a more edgy vocal. It adds up to a nice intense track that keeps you on your toes.

Last of all, Arcardic is the most special of the lot, with soft synths dancing over muted tones, skeletal beats and deft piano chords. It’s lithe and infectious and rounds out a fantastic EP.

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