Premiere: Sunday Noise & Paul Trelles Just A Line (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Andhera Records]

As summer heats up so does Andhera Records with a massive new release, You Hear That EP, by Sunday Noise and Paul Trelles, which comes with exquisite remixes from Mihai Popoviciu and Mallin.

Sunday Noise and Paul Trelles hail from Peru, and are forefront of the scene in Lima. Between them they’ve released on credible labels like Rawsome, Tobus Limited, Distance, Miaw and Whoyostro.

The first track on the EP is, Just a Line, where tripped out vocal incidentals combine with eerily treated vocals, layered on swirling atmospherics creating an edgy late night deep and hypnotic flavour. Next up is, You Hear That, with its shuffling highs, bouncing bassline combining with the atmospherics and effortless arrangement this is absolute groover.

The third track on the EP is Mihai Popoviciu’s remix. Popovicui is well known from his huge releases on Poker Flat, Get Physical, Bedrock, Dessous, Bondage Music and his own label Cyclic imprint, and his inimitable style has arrived on Andhera. His remix is as you would expect from him, smooth, deep, and excellently executed. With a rolling bass, and filtered pads pushed into the background, this grows in a crescendo throughout the track to where the uplifting chords drop, and smiles rise, make no mistake this is a sublime remix.

The last track on the EP is Mallin’s remix of You Hear That. Mallin’s profile has been rising the last few years via string of hot releases on labels like Glasgow Underground, Inermu, and Oh Stockholm. For his remix he delivers a sensual deep number adding a melodic and uplifting touch to the original, with a delicate short sax sample to really give this an excellent end of the night feel.

This is an absolute must have release on the fast rising Brooklyn imprint, Andhera Records, and something you’ll definitely be hearing all summer long on the underground floors of the world.

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