Premiere: Abc Collective (Bread&Butter, Sandru, TmrsTn) – Aye [Always Bring Cash]

Keeping the momentum going from their inaugural release which lands November 27th, ABC Collective deliver 002 on their digital Always Bring Cash imprint, ready for the festive period, catching the tail end of what has been a whirlwind across the board. On this occasion, chipping in for the release, they have Bread&Butter, Chiodan, Herck, Stan, Sandru and TmrsTn spread across five various collaborations. Residing in Romania the crew are no strangers to the premium strains of discerning minimal sounds, something that is clearly reflected in their own productions.
Opener “Contactu” features Bread&Butter, Herck, Stan, & Chiodan, a collective effort. Pensive drums meld with the rippling pads, transcending the listener to the world of ABC. Next up is “Aye”, an oscillating track from the off, profound production again, this time Bread&Butter, Sandru, & TmrsTn join forces. Created in such a way to take you for a walk of wobbles and eclectic percussion. “Parfeni” created by Bread&Butter and TmrsTn has a diverse and laid back structure, liquid like sounds scramble around the belly of the track, trippy vocals tease in and out for the duration, promiscuous sounding, drawing you in.
As we move into the second half Chiodan, Somesan, & Stan link up for “Hanul Verde” more impressive work from the young label. At the centre of the track is a killer bass arrangement, as if the notes are in conversation. As the track progresses, light elements brush in and out allowing the bass to lead the way with a mind of its own. “Resting” from Herck & Stan, shuts things down for the EP. There is some real depth to the closing track, with a dark and distinctive mood, thought provoking, and ignites unusual emotions with its mysterious tones, and whispers.
The Always Bring Cash label are ready to go full steam ahead into 2021 after two fantastic outings to round off 2020, and their grips firmly tightened on some vinyl output from the collective also. More info in the next few months.

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