Premiere: Notre Dame – Citizen 99 [Diynamic]

Frenchman Notre Dame went to all new heights following his debut release, turned breakout hit ‘Yumi’ on Diynamic in 2023. Since then, his newfound notoriety has seen him tour the globe and play everywhere from Tokyo to London, Miami to Paris. He has also released on the likes of Innervisions, Cercle and Adriatique’s Siamese and always shows off his uniquely creative take on house music. Now he is back with four more tracks that find him subtly evolving once more.
The opener ‘Soda’ is a bright and hopeful but simultaneously melancholic piece with catchy piano chords and a steady suspenseful build that is perfect for outdoor festival closing moments. The superb ‘FE3L’ pops off with ’80s-influenced percussion and robotic vocals; it’s an ode to the sound of a computer coming to life and realising it’s being chased by forces keen to turn it off!
The title track ‘Citizen 99’ has an almost celestial theme with bells and choirs acting as a heavenly counterpoint to the rough and ready Atlanta rap style vocals, which create an energetic dance floor hybrid. Closing out the EP is ‘Love 404’, which draws on elements of witch-house and fuses them with auto-tuned and crushed vocals to make for a beautifully mesmerising tune that will encourage dancers to close their eyes and get lost in the moment.

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