Premiere: Vaxx – Falling (Saeed Younan Extended Remix) [UNLEARN:RECORDS]

Released in 2022, Vaxx’s Falling was a killer tech house cut with rolling bassline, expansive percussion and a beautiful, soaring vocal. Fresh for 2024 Unlearn Records now revisits the release with fresh remixes from two label favourites.

Saeed Younan is a celebrated DJ and producer, renowned for his skills in blending house and techno with a keen sense for dynamic musical flow. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, and now based in Washington, D.C., Younan’s journey into music began amid his country’s conflict, leading him to find solace and expression through sound. He heads his own label, Younan Music, and has been a pivotal figure in the underground dance scene for over two decades. He’s joined by LA-based BRIO (U) who returns to the label for the first time since 2022’s Down.

Saeed Younan’s remix leans hard into the trippy end of tech house, with an eerie lead synth line and effervescent bassline leading the way, while BRIO (US) melds a variety of influences, blending live-sounding drums with progressive house melodies and an old-school rave break. It shouldn’t work, but it absolutely does.

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