Premiere: Anders Lyngen & Magnus JJ – Buret Pal Kvikne [Badabing Diskos]

Norwegian label ́Badabing Diskos ́ takes a step into the surrounding forests of Oslo for the upcoming compilation ́Oslo Botanics ́, befriending the organic sounds of house music.
This second compilation EP presents names well known in the badabing collective, all dedicated to presenting something a bit aside from their regular works for this Oslo Botanics compilation. Their connection to nature comes quite natural. Sommerfeldt, producing at his mountain cabin; Frifot, living on an Island in the Oslo fjord; and Anders Lyngen & Magnus JJ
with their special interest in wood percussion and traditional norwegian storehouses. ́Nymphaea ́ takes Frifot to new musical territory by widening his melodic spaces, yet still maintaining his perfect tention between analog warmth and cool sparkles.
́Myrvegen ́ invites you on a more psychedelic path thru the nightforrest, a rendevous with your imaginary friends and foes, kept in line by Sommerfeldt ́s hypnotic signature. ́Buret på Kvikne ́ brings it further into the forrest, awaiting blossom with acid hints breaking thru layers of warm pads. Anders Lyngen & Magnus JJ has certainly found their very own analog soundscape. ́Oslo Botanics #2 ́ keeps the hypnotic season alive, while hinting to spring intentions. The seed is growing towards spring in this second EP, leaving you full of expectations for the upcoming compilation.

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