Premiere: Reelow – I’m With Them feat. Jo Harris [Reecords]

A bubbling figure and personality amongst today’s modern house landscape, Barcelona-based talent Reelow will unveil his most extensive body of work this month with the release of his new album, ‘REEBORN’. With appearances via the likes of Desolat, MOXY MUZIK, Mindshake Records, and Solid Grooves, where he remains a central part of the label’s family of residents, the Hungarian-born, Barcelona-based DJ/producer and label boss has seen a large part of his attention shaped towards crafting and curating his own platform and imprint, Reecords. Home to a series of stand-out singles from the label boss himself alongside material from an array of global talent such as Yaya, De La Swing, Mene and Rendher, the label’s next major project is its largest to date as it houses the second album project on the imprint from its head honcho. Featuring a wealth of collaborations with a long list of close friends, the sixteen-track project showcases a range of his early and current influences, from electronic spheres to rap, hip-hop and beyond – delivering an in-depth exploration of his vibrant and energetic sound on 14th April 2024.
“We are all reborn. Every day, week, month, or year. It might be after a workout, after a party, after a relationship, every 7th year. I wanted to create something for my legacy: something that could last forever, so my music could be with any person out there forever. The fact that I have so many friends taking part in this album makes it even more special. ‘Reeborn’ is a resume of adventures, friendships, missed flights, collaborations, and hundreds of hours in my Barcelona studio in Marina. My friend and graphic designer made a special artwork for the label that hadn’t ever been used until now. He said: ‘This is you, Reelow, reborn through the music. We all know art stays forever, and that’s what will represent us, after all’. The ultimate message is, ‘Hey, I have been here!’” – Reelow.
A fusion of solo productions and collaborative work, the sixteen-track project provides a journey through his trademark, energetic style while paying homage to and referencing numerous styles and genres. From the classic record style intro, the album launches straight into the action with the hooky and playful ‘Hey Suga’ featuring Rayzir and Eli Wilde before the wonky and off-kilter ‘Bust’ and the driving ‘I’m With Them’ featuring Jo Harris enter the fray. ‘Ghetto Soul’ brings a reunion with Samira, following the pair’s huge 2023 single ‘M.O.N.E.Y’, delivering jacking grooves and soulful vocals, while ‘PlzZZ Listen 2 My Demo’ is raw and impactful as a heavy bassline and metallic tones take hold. ‘Toilet Secrets’ featuring Anaisa is lively and trippy, ‘Bitchthatsnake (A_lways L_ittle_B_tch A_nyways) brings more sample use amongst skippy, zipping elements, and ‘Reeal Badman’ is no-nonsense and heavy-hitting. Linking with rising Brazilian Jamie Coins and Peter Harris, ‘Guess Who’s Back’ showcases an impressive percussive workout, while ‘Shake Ya Bootie (Tampon Mix)’ is vibrant and bubbly, and ‘Hoocares?’ featuring Ndidi Bahru, Jigga and Geeishaa showcases yet more energetic drum grooves. Closing the LP, ‘Mary Juana Cha Cha’ featuring Hana AB serves up another anthem crafted for the peak time hours, before ‘Makin Reelove (Hotel Mix)’ expertly merges resonant bass licks and hazy pads for a funk-fuelled trip – all rounded out by the project closer and outro.
Sixteen tracks loaded with energy and vigour, crafted amongst close friends and set to build on an already impressive discography to deliver an in-depth selection of tracks crafted for the dancefloor, afterparty, and more, ‘REEBORN’ is a representation of Reelow’s past, present, and future, and we’re happy to be here for the ride.

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