Premiere: Aüra X La Sabrosura X Tayson Kryss – Ahora [SwitchLab]

A trio of talented artist unite on the latest Switch single, as deep, melodic and Afro house influences combine to incredible effect on Ahora.

Aüra, the Neapolitan sensation, has quickly ascended from her roots in the clubbing scenes of Naples to international recognition. Since her debut release “Goodnight Moon” on Switch Lab in 2016, which garnered support from heavyweights like Solomun and Francesco Rossi, Aüra has not looked back. Known for her captivating performances and eclectic mix of Afrohouse and deep house, she has shared stages with icons such as Carl Craig and Claptone.

Mariano, known as “La Sabrosura”, brings the rich tapestry of Caribbean sounds to the electronic landscape. His productions, infused with basslines, arpeggiators, and Yoruba acapellas, pay homage to African and Yoruba culture. With tracks signed to legendary labels like Nervous and Union Records, Mariano stands out for his unique fusion of cultural rhythms and electronic beats, embodying the soul of the Caribbean in the digital age.

Spanish-born Tayson Kryss has carved a niche in the Pop and Latin Pop arenas with his soulful voice and mesmerizing melodies. Kryss’s ability to blend genres seamlessly has earned him a loyal fanbase and established him as a force in contemporary music. His innovative approach to Pop and Latin Pop underscores the genre’s capacity for reinvention and global appeal.

Merging hypnotic auto-tuned vocals with the raw energy of tribal drums, Ahoara offers an escape into a world of rhythmic bliss. Warm piano chords elevate the melody, crafting an immersive experience that resonates within the soul.

Switch is the name of new kind of clubbing experience, established in 2014 by Gianni Romano, with Switch Lab the label offshoot. In 2023 Switch had a residency at the infamous Blue Marlin, Ibiza, with a plethora of ancestral and hypnotic sounds taking the audience to new musical dimensions every Saturday throughout the season.

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