Premiere: Marco Rubin – Modular Dance [Hottrax]

Hailing from the province of Venice in Italy, Marco Rubin has been making music since his mid-teens, channelling inspiration from tastemakers such as Jamie Jones; it’s fitting that Rubin brings his three-track ‘Modular Dance’ EP to Jones’ Hottrax label this March.
First up is ‘Modular Dance’, a gritty and lo-fi sound with a paranoid lead synth snaking through an urban landscape, before ‘Follow The Time’ heads for more stripped-back territories that pack a punch with its kinetic kicks and dry basslines. A chopped-up vocal reverberates about the mix next to freaky sound designs that really make this one pop. Lastly, ‘Jump On The Floor’ rounds out a stellar debut with an irresistible hint of garage shuffle in the drums, while futuristic melodic phrases rain down to bring some cosmic colour.

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