Premiere: Seb Zito – Three Three Four [Seven Dials Records]

Renowned DJ and producer Seb Zito is back with the third edition of his mesmerizing ‘Dialled In’ series. This unique concept continues to unfold, offering an immersive experience into the diverse sounds that define Seb Zito’s musical universe. ‘Dialled In’ goes beyond a mere music release; it’s a captivating tour featuring Seb’s headline sets, including extended or all-night-long sessions that allow him to delve deep into his sonic repertoire.

In 2023, Seb Zito left an indelible mark on stages worldwide, commanding attention at BPM Festival (Costa Rica), Space (Miami), Paradise @ Amnesia (Ibiza), and other iconic venues. Simultaneously, his label, Seven Dials Records, blazed a trail with stellar releases from Seb himself and fellow artists such as Audiojack, Hector Couto, James View and more. Seven Dials also hosted unforgettable events at Studio 338 (London) and Secret Sessions (Ibiza) in 2023, setting the stage for more label parties in 2024.

Volume 3 of ‘Dialled In’ continues the journey with a series of EPs on Seven Dials. Seb Zito’s vision for ‘Dialled In’ remains unchanged – to present a rich tapestry of sounds. From his signature bass-driven UK minimal and tech to explorations into techno and electronic realms, ‘Dialled In’ promises a night on the dance floor that will have the crowd truly ‘Dialled In.’

In this latest instalment, Zito invites you to immerse yourself in the hypnotic depths of “Who Created House.” This bassline-driven house track is a powerhouse, featuring robust breaks, abundant energy, an iconic synth lead, and a meticulously crafted vocal sample – a combination that will keep you dancing all night long. Meanwhile, “Three Three Four” takes you into a more personal realm, showcasing Zito’s versatility. This track has a leftfield sound, maintaining the classic Zito garage flavour influence. Subtle, elegant, cool, with a breakbeat-influenced beat and an abundance of intricate synth work, “Three Three Four” will hypnotize you and transport you deep into Seb Zito’s creative landscape.

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