Premiere: Colau – I’m Tired Arguing [WAREBLUES]

WAREBLUES presents “Heat & House”, a V.A. compilation album that celebrates the summer in Latin America. The album features a collection of tracks with fresh vibes and warm rhythms. The opening track, “Deep Under” by Andy Buchan, sets a soft and relaxed style. Colau, who returns home, follows with “I’m Tired Arguing”, a raw sound with a tight bass line and gangster vocals. Nico Cortazzo debuts with “Deep But Soft”, a disco-infused track with a name that perfectly describes its vibes. Reagan Mian lands on WRB and presents “In My Mind”, a Jack rhythm with deep keys that will make you want to dance. Then Selva shows his taste for garage sounds and sampling techniques with “Lounge Chords”. The album concludes with Stogov’s “Keep On”, a true House poetry with samples, class, and deep melodies.

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