Premiere: Dakap – Flashback (ADRIANZA Remix) [Adrianza Records]

Adrianza Records is beginning the new year with a bang featuring the new release “Flashback” by Dakap, including remixes by Mike.D and Adrianza. The centerpiece of this release is the minimal house track ‘Flashback’ by Dakap boasting their remarkably solid and groovy style. Dakap takes the listener on an electrifying ride. The track is a testament to Dakap’s mastery seamlessly blending energy and sophistication. The remixes by Mike.D and Adrianza add new dimensions that both complement and enhance the original. Rabin and Tellier, both contributing to Dakap were destined to collide, their individual journeys through the realms of DJing and production converged into a creative partnership. Now, fresh off their collaborative efforts, DAKAP presents the ‘Flashback Ep’ a mesmerizing release featuring three standout tracks.

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