Premiere: ELODIE – Carla [Eloelo Records]

ELODIE, the rising DJ and producer of London’s underground music scene, is poised to captivate underground music enthusiasts with her upcoming EP ‘Carla’ on eloelo records. Building on the success of the label’s first two previous releases, ELODIE continues to establish herself as a producer who pushes the boundaries of minimal and deep-tech music, showcasing her signature blend of intricate melodies and driving grooves.

‘Carla’ is a testament to ELODIE’s distinct production style, featuring pulsating drums, a captivating bassline, and an enchanting blend of glitchy percussions. The track weaves a hypnotic narrative, enriched by unique, ethereal vocal arrangements and dreamy synths, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Renowned DJ and producer CHKLTE lends his own creative touch to the EP, presenting a mind-bending remix of ‘Carla.’ Infusing elements from the original track with his trademark glitchy textures and infectious rhythms, CHKLTE’s remix elevates the auditory experience, delivering a hypnotic and captivating rendition that perfectly complements the essence of the EP.

With ‘Carla,’ ELODIE and CHKLTE showcase their artistry and vision, this release pushing the boundaries of the underground music landscape and inviting listeners on a mesmerising sonic journey.

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