Premiere: Artslaves – What People Say [TBX Records]

Introducing the latest release on TBX Records, featuring electrifying vibes coming from Artslaves. Experience the sonic transformation in ‘What People Say’ EP which is made of three powerful originals and reinforced by stellar Antss Remix. The title track boasts a mesmerizing combination of minimal drum beats and a bouncy bassline. With a cool guitar sample and seamlessly integrated vocals, it creates a superb and captivating vibe that defines the essence of this track. Antss adds an extraterrestrial touch to the original sounds, infusing his unique style into the remix. The swung bass line and tight drum beat seamlessly collaborate, crafting an outstanding groove that captivates the listener. Atop this rhythmic foundation, the vocals, deep atmospheres, and chords create a cool and catchy feeling, elevating the track to a new dimension of electronic resonance. ‘Body’ follows seamlessly, ushering in a high-energy groove crafted through the perfect fusion of hypnotic percussion rhythms, an exceptional bassline, deep chords, and captivating vocals. The track captures a dynamic and infectious energy that engages the audience from start to finish, making it a standout piece in the release. Closing the EP is ‘No Answer,’ maintaining the same energized Artslaves vibe. This track immediately sets your head in motion to the rhythm of its cool beats. The looped vocal sample works like a hypnotic charm, leading the listener into a trance, while the bassline and drums collaborate seamlessly to sustain this highly dynamic groove. ‘No Answer’ serves as a compelling conclusion to the EP, leaving a lasting impression with its infectious energy and skilful blend of elements. Get ready to be carried away by the captivating soundscape of Artslaves.

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