Premiere: Hart & Neenan – If You Wanna Know [Metafloor Records]

After a two-year hiatus, Hart & Neenan make a triumphant return to their own label imprint with a sonic evolution that marks a new chapter. ‘Your Best Ain’t Good Enough’ EP isn’t just a comeback; it’s a bold step forward, offering a fusion of 90’s inspired House elevated by stand-out Detroit-style hip-hop vocals that add a unique edge to the timeless beats. Garnering heavyweight support across Europe, the EP has captured the attention of industry tastemakers such as Archie Hamilton, Prunk, and Kellie Allen. This summer, it has become the soundtrack to unforgettable nights and sunrise moments. Featuring three original tracks meticulously crafted to transcend sound, the EP is tailor-made for peak-time club moments.

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