Premiere: Swim The Shine – Gilles Said We Cannot Fuck (Normen Hood Remix) [Gun Raven]

Swim the Shine unleashes his latest single, Gilles Said We Cannot Fuck, which blends a number of influences in a headspinning electronic maelstrom, with remixes coming from Normen Hood, Marshall White and Ljudas.

Swim the Shine, an organic blend of DJ, VJ, and producer from Budapest, dazzles with a fusion of melodic techno and progressive house, enriched by interactive visuals. Notable for drumming at the 2012 London Olympics under Rick Smith and Danny Boyle, and a finalist at Moscow’s Circle of Light VJ Competition. He’s played across cities like London, Barcelona, and Berlin. Now, he’s shaping a solo audio-visual act and growing his label, Gun Raven, into an audio-visual art hub.

His latest single, Gilles Said We Cannot Fuck, is a headspinning house/techno hybrid exploration from the Gun Raven label head, cked up with progressive, melodic remixes from Normen Hood and Marshall White and broken-beat rave from Ljudas.

Gun Raven is a record label – and more. A platform for audio-visual arts. An offspring of the digital. They are what our parents can’t understand and what they may not approve of. They are a link in the chain and racing toward the future – a future we soon won’t understand. But they are here now and they will burn while they can. They are 21st Century Rock ’n’ Roll.

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