Premiere: Legit Trip – Loose Control [TBX Records]

TBX Records is proud to announce the release of its latest collection EP, entitled ‘Loose Control’, featuring an impressive array of tracks by Legit Trip. This EP comprises three exquisitely crafted masterpieces that promise to captivate your senses. ‘Astronaut’ highlights Legit’s skill in crafting irresistible rhythms and memorable melodies. Its dynamic energy and captivating groove changes achieve an ideal equilibrium between form and content. On the flip side, we have ‘Hey,’ featuring cool garage vibes. The track commences with a groovy drum beat that gradually evolves into a high-energy dancefloor killer. Last but certainly not least, comes ‘Loose Control.’ This track exemplifies Legit’s distinctive style, featuring pulsating bass, rhythmic intricacies, and a synth-driven instrumentation that collectively crafts an immersive musical journey. Ideal for setting the stage at big parties. Enjoy!

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