Premiere: Blomfelt – Second Life [Oath]

Henrik Blomfelt, one half of the duo Blomfelt & Narby, is set to grace the electronic music space with an undeniably unique body of work encompassing the art of capturing distinct feelings and moods. In what Blomfelt hails as an “exploration of fleeting, beautiful moments, reminiscent of various phases in our lives, including those formative memories from childhood that often reveal their significance much later, once time has settled,” the first single from his forthcoming “i’m interested in apathy” album serves as a promising sign of things to come, presented in an exemplary aural experience that will keep you locked in from start to finish.
“Second Life” breaks the mould of modern cookie-cutter electronic music. An artistic display of expression, moulded and stretched around a simple concept as opposed to the building block approach of most contemporary producers.
“For this track, I began with two fundamental elements: the ambient cymbals and the main synth line, which kicks off the track. I had toyed with these elements during several sessions and knew I wanted to create a composition that revolved around them. After establishing the drum foundation, the rest of the track flowed quite naturally.” – Blomfelt.
Musically speaking, ‘Second Life’ is everything you want from a modern alternative electronic cut. It’s ambient; it has expansive scenes and variation in production; it’s in no way repetitious, and that’s just scratching the surface. Diving below its silky layer of grainy tape delay that envelops the track, its continuum of clean-cut minimalist rhythmic components keeps things moving in an ardent but not overwhelming fashion, allowing for the intricacy of pads, synths and an array of diversified tonal layers to add depth and remoteness to what is an utterly immersive and emotional sonic foray.

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