Premiere: Rendher – So Juicy [Whippin]

Rendher, the exceptionally talented DJ and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, is set to make waves with his latest release, the “So Juicy EP.” on the Mason Collective’s Whippin imprint.

Rendher’s music is a reflection of his Spanish heritage and the rich tapestry of hip-hop and Latin rhythms that have shaped his musical identity. He masterfully combines these elements to craft a sound that stands out in the industry, setting him apart as a truly unique talent. Over the years, Rendher has solidified his position as one of the most sought-after DJs globally, gracing the decks of iconic clubs across the world. His sets are celebrated for their infectious energy and pulsating beats, creating an atmosphere where crowds can’t help but move and groove all night long.

With a discography that includes releases on influential labels such as Solid Grooves, Deeperfect, Tamango, Revival, and many others, Rendher’s track record speaks for itself. His success is a testament to his relentless work ethic, and boundless talent.

The “So Juicy EP” is a testament to Rendher’s continued evolution as an artist. The EP features two electrifying tracks: “So Juicy” – This track is a masterclass in intricate, rolling grooves. With an incessant energy that refuses to let up, “So Juicy” introduces a fresh, innovative sound to the scene. The standout vocal hook adds an irresistible element to the mix, making it a must-listen for any electronic music fan. On the flipside is “Watudu” – “Watudu” delivers a bouncy, uplifting groove with plenty of swing. Its minimal, stripped-back beats create a hypnotic rhythm that’s impossible to resist. The track’s cleverly crafted breakdown is tailor-made for the dancefloor, ensuring an unforgettable moment when it hits.

Rendher’s “So Juicy EP” is a sonic journey that showcases his ability to explore sonic territories while maintaining a distinct signature sound.

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