Premiere: Cristian Merino – Painting The Church Of My Town [TBX Records]

Step into the world of TBX Records with our latest release, featuring the talented artist Cristian Merino. We present a trio of tracks that promise to transport you to outer space. The opening track delves deep into the musical world of Cristian Merino, where he reveals ‘Painting The Church Of My Town.’ This composition weaves a lush sonic tapestry, creating vibrant soundscapes through its pulsating rhythm. Joseph Edmund takes ‘Robin Hood And The Gang’ on a remix journey that’s bound to ignite dance floors. Expect electrifying beats and infectious energy. On the B-side, we are treated to another offering titled ‘Robin Hood And The Gang,’ which boasts an intricate fusion of melodies and rhythms that enrapture the senses. Enjoy!

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