Premiere: Louden – Riser [MicroHertz]

Emerging as a powerful force in the electronic music realm, Louden is set to captivate dance floors with his mesmerizing “Dimension EP.”

From an early age, Louden was drawn to electronic sounds, which led him on a journey through the realms of clubbing and DJing during his teenage years. As he sought a more personal mode of expression, he delved into music production, crafting tracks that have received acclaim from industry titans such as Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Archie Hamilton, East End Dubs, Sidney Charles, wAFF, Toman, and many more.

Over the years, Louden has honed his distinctive sound, characterized by fresh grooves, formidable basslines, and a blend of 90s and old-school elements seamlessly interwoven with modern influences. This sonic evolution has earned him recognition from renowned labels, including PIV, Moxy, Avotre, and Meta, consistently propelling him up the Beatport charts. Louden’s studio endeavors have been dedicated to realizing his musical vision, which spans from pure, high-energy vibes to more electronic explorations. His productions are designed to take audiences on eclectic journeys, resulting in smiles and dancing feet at every performance.

The “Dimension EP” takes listeners on a mesmerizing voyage into Louden’s sonic universe: First out of the box is the lead and title track, “Dimension”: This track is a trippy, hypnotic masterpiece that transports you to another realm. Its deep groove and spaced-out atmospheres create an immersive experience that defies conventional boundaries. Next up is “Lock Out”: With a rolling groove and a bassline that drives the energy, “Lock Out” exudes an uplifting vibe that is bound to ignite dancefloors. It’s a testament to Louden’s ability to craft irresistible rhythms.
Last but certainly not least is “Riser” where it unleashes sheer power and energy, with a monumental breakdown that will send hands into the air. This track is designed for peak moments, capturing the essence of an unforgettable dancefloor experience.

Louden’s “Dimension EP” showcases his innovative approach to music production and his ability to transcend dimensions through sound delivering another must have release for both the artist and the label.

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