Premiere: Emi Ömar – Jack Sully [Conspiracy]

As we continue our quest through time and space in the search for unique dancefloor delights, we find ourselves in the land of love & pâtisseries for release number 21, presented by Parisian hardware wizard – Emi Ömar. 

 Emi introduces four original tracks, gracefully toeing the lines between house, disco, funk and electro without missing a beat. Each new cut, sonically and structurally more unique than the last, brings a new surprise at every turn. 

’Présente Mars’ opens up on a lighthearted note with some emotional synth work and a vocal break which paves the way for a growling electro style bass line. In a similar fashion, ‘Woodfloor’ begins with a nostalgic air; glitchy keys, swinging hats and what may grow to be Emi’s signature vocoder style vocals. A futuristic arpeggiated synth takes over to guide us through a wormhole into another raw electro dancefloor heater. ‘Jack Sully’ arrives next up and is nothing short of a sampling masterclass. A punchy funk inspired bassline broken up by an 80’s style bridge complete with big snare and tom fills, orchestral hits and washed out vocal cuts. Last but not least, ‘Together’ guides us home from our inter-dimensional journey with an emotionally stirring ‘electro-funk’ attitude and disco style bassline. 
We are so proud to be able to share such beautifully unique music on our label and Emi Ömar’s ‘Hi, It’s Emi’ EP is just that. Four tracks that showcase a mastery of machines and a finely crafted skill for sampling whilst keeping the raw emotion and soul of the music at the time of recording. DRESS UP. DANCE WEIRD. 

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