Premiere: Saintes & Mariche – Dreamcatcher [TBX Limited]

TBX Limited is exited to welcome a captivating musical journey with the release of ‘Dreamcatcher’, a mesmerizing two-track creation by the talented duo Saintès & Mariche. Immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of the title track, as Saintès & Mariche skillfully weave together an intricate tapestry of sound. The tune unfurls with a rhythmic drum beat, imbued with a contagious swing that beckons the listener to move. Just as the beat sets the stage, a cascade of garage bass takes center stage, igniting the dance floor with its infectious bounce. Amidst the sonic landscape, house organs emerge, casting an enchanting spell, while subtle vocal samples punctuate the rhythm, elevating the track’s irresistible vibe. Diving deeper into the release, ‘Let Me Tell Ya’ offers a classic house beat that exudes timeless charm. Anchored by a punchy kick and interlaced with a groovy percussion loop, the track sets a magnetic groove that’s impossible to resist. Saintès & Mariche showcase their prowess in crafting melodic elements, as funky organs intertwine with airy atmospheres, creating an atmosphere of pure sonic delight. The result is a composition that pays homage to the roots of house music while infusing it with their signature melodic touch. Enjoy!

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