Premiere: Agus Ferreyra, Pablo Aristimuno – U Muv [TBX Limited]

TBX Limited is proud to present the ‘U Muv’ EP, produced by Agus Ferreyra together with Pablo Aristimuño, showcasing actual minimal sound mixed with house melodies and deeper atmospheres. Starting with ‘U Muv’, a track that brings a lot of energy to the dancefloor, being a combination of a stripped drum beat with tribalistic percussion rhythms, sublime vocals and bassline you will feel the vibe right away. Then follows the track, entitled ‘U Dreama’ which is a perfect groover full of house organs that are reinforced by a fat bassline and an elegant beat that will make you vibrate. For the closing track comes ‘U Know’ bringing even more groove to the table. The track is loaded with bouncy lows, and cool vocal cuts accompanied by dope percussions groove. Enjoy!

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