Premiere: Marsolo – Introvert [Heavy House Society]

Rising Dutch house artist Marsolo makes a resounding impact with his latest release, the mesmerizing ‘Risk Taker” EP, on Sidney Charles’ powerful underground imprint Heavy House Society. Guided by his passion for music and a desire to break boundaries, Marsolo delivers a collection of tracks that showcase his unique sound and cement his position as a rising talent in the electronic music scene. With support from esteemed DJs like Chris Stussy, Sidney Charles, and Folamour, Marsolo’s star is on a rapid ascent. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Marsolo’s musical journey began as he meticulously stacked drum loops on his computer. Over the years, he honed his production skills and made a decisive move towards the Dutch house scene. Recognized for his ability to provoke feelings of nostalgia and euphoria, Marsolo’s signature sound combines vintage, sample-based drums with warm, refreshing synths. His tracks tell musical stories that invite listeners to interpret and connect on a deep emotional level. With each release, Marsolo aims to strike a chord with the crowd and push the boundaries of house music by constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate his audience. The ‘Risk Taker’ EP marks an important milestone in Marsolo’s artistic journey. The four tracks showcase his versatility and unique approach to production, captivating listeners from start to finish. ‘Continuum’ delivers a deep and energetic experience, characterized by mesmerizing acid sounds and a pulsating energy that drives the dancefloor. ‘Risk Taker’ embodies the essence of jackin’ beats, with its deep bassline groove and ever-evolving elements that keep the energy high. ‘Set The Tone’ introduces quirky sounds and a groovy atmosphere, complemented by spacey lead sounds that transport the listener to new sonic dimensions. Rounding out the EP, ‘Introvert’ takes a smooth and subtle approach, combining emotive elements with a deep groove that invites introspection. With each track on the ‘Risk Taker’ EP, Marsolo showcases his exceptional talent and his commitment to breaking boundaries in the house music realm. Supported by influential DJs and having performed at renowned venues like Thuishaven and Paradiso, Marsolo’s musical journey is just beginning, promising a bright future ahead.

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