Premiere: Elijah Something – Mustang Cali [Conspiracy]

onumental moments don’t come around too often, but we’re pretty certain this is one of them.
We are proud to present the debut solo EP from a man known around Conspiracy HQ by many names – King of the Coast, Big Maui, Baby Hands, Eratik – to name a few, but you will most likely be familiar with him as Elijah Something.

Co-founder of the label Elijah Something presents his much anticipated ‘Ecstatic Excursions’ EP, four slamming house/electro bombs that have already graced the soundsystems at some of the most highly respected festivals in existence today – Houghton, ADE, Hide & Seek and Lost Paradise, not to mention the clubs, warehouses and backyards where the punters are still piecing their brains back together.

‘On the Larry’ leads the charge from the front and rightly so. A whomping garage bassline, memorable vocal hook and driving hi-hat energy are just a few of the reasons this bad boy has been destroying dancefloors worldwide for the past 12 months.

Next up, ’Big Maui’s Big Wowee’ rings true to it’s name. Spaced-out electro wow-factor from start to finish, all cooked up in Big Maui’s interstellar beach-side studio.

Track Three sees Elijah team up with good friend of the label, Forge, to hammer out a piping hot collaboration in ‘Ecstatic Madness’. Rolling bass, acid synths and breaksy drum grooves lay the foundations for a sentimental vocal section from which the track takes it’s title.

Rounding out this monster of a release, Elijah strips it back to finish with ‘Mustang Cali’, an ode to our official Conspiracy mascot and everybody’s favourite bulldog. Percussion and glitchy FX rise and fall with elegance around a locked bassline groove, the perfect finisher to a stellar first solo outing from Elijah on his own label.

There’s not much remaining to be said about this one, the tracks have been speaking for themselves for a while now and it’s time they were shared with all of you wonderful co-conspirators. In our biased opinion here at Conspiracy, one thing is clear – Elijah Something’s first 4-tracker is a statement.

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