Premiere: ELODIE – Who Let Him [Eloelo Recordings]

ELODIE, the promising starlet of the London underground music scene, unveils her latest release, “Who Let Him?”. This captivating EP, presented on her newly launched ‘eloelo’ imprint, introduces listeners to an exceptional blend of minimal techno, featuring the mesmerizing title track and a vibrant remix by Peter Pixzel.

“Who Let Him?” takes listeners on a sonic journey through stripped-back landscapes and ethereal vocals. ELODIE’s artistry is on full display as she weaves undulating grooves, atmospheric tones, and intricate melodies into a captivating composition. The track’s raw and introspective nature creates a hauntingly beautiful experience, showcasing ELODIE’s unique approach to production.

Bringing his own creative prowess to the EP, Peter Pixzel delivers a dynamic and upbeat remix of “Who Let Him?”. Known for his distinct sound and infectious energy, Pixzel infuses the original track with a lively twist, elevating the mood and showcasing his signature style.

The remix pays homage to ELODIE’s artistic vision while adding a fresh, dancefloor-friendly interpretation.

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