Premiere: Future Self – Guess Again (Ragnar Atari Remix) [Self Control Records]

Chopped vocals and a driving beat shows Future Self channeling dance floor energy – the remixes bring funky breaks and acid techno vibes respectively

With “Guess Again,” Future Self once again harnesses the power of the dance floor, infusing chopped vocals and a driving beat into a sonic experience. The original mix is an electric conversation, a rhythm that marries the primal and the polished.

The remixes by Harald Boyesen and Ragnar Atari take the track to uncharted territories. Boyesen injects an Amsterdam-inspired funkiness, while Atari, a proven maestro of 303-fuelled remixes, takes a leap into acid. Both remixes amplify Future Self’s original vision, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration in electronic music.

“Guess Again” is Future Self’s journey into the limitless possibilities of sound and a dedication to reinvention.

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