Premiere: Cristina Lazic – 9 To 5 (Kellie Allen Remix) [TBX Records]

TBX Records crew are very excited to introduce the captivating new release from Cristina Lazic, titled ‘9 to 5’. This EP delivers an exhilarating musical journey, comprising two remarkable original tracks, alongside a fascinating remix delivered by the talented Kellie Allen. The title track showcases Cristina Lazic’s artistic prowess and innovative sound and sets the mood of the EP with its engaging rhythm, catchy melody, and skillfully designed bassline. Kellie Allen remix is a fantastic groover that takes listeners to another realm thanks to its deep lows, resonant drums, eerie melodies, and complex sound layers that takes us on a more introspective trip. The second track is called ‘Train Trip’ and it feaures an incredibly tight bassline and a forceful kick. Organic atmospheres lay on top of the beat, nicely balancing it with the primary beat. Enjoy!

Supported by: Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Dennis Cruz, Steve Lawler, Perky Wires, Stacey Pullen, Londonground, Artslaves, Shaf Huse, Michel De Hey, Cesar Merveille, Fran Bortolossi, CLAPTONE, Toni Varga and many more…

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