Premiere: Dip Watters – Daddy’s Girl [TBX Limited]

TBX Limited continually strives to deliver top-notch content in the world of minimal, deep, and tech music. In our upcoming EP, we proudly present the debut of Dip Watters, with his exhilarating ‘Daddy’s Girl’ EP. This EP features three outstanding original tracks. The title track predominantly caters to the club scene, offering a vibrant minimal sound with elements of classic house music. On the other hand, the second track, ‘Invisible Funk’ possesses an infectious funky groove that captivates listeners. ‘Organ Feel’ is the last track and it showcases Dip Watters’s distinctive style, resulting in a club banger characterized by a pulsating bassline, a straightforward house beat and organs, and glitchy samples layered on top. Enjoy!

Supported by: Jamie Jones, Enzo Siragusa, Marco Carola, Rich NxT, Yaya, Jesse Calosso, Perky Wires, Jean Pierre, Wheats, Artslaves, Jesse Maas, Reelow, Paco Osuna, Manda Moor, Fisher, Proudly People, Toni Varga, Steve Lawler, Cristina Lazic, Cesar Merveille, Manu Desrets, LondonGround, Mark Knight, Kevin McKay, Somersault and many more…

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