Premiere: Darius Syrossian – Scarface (Wheats Remix) [MOXY MUZIK]

Darius Syrossian is next up on his own mighty Moxy Musik label with a new three track EP that includes a superb remix from Wheats.

Syrossian is one of the UK’s most vital house artists and has released on any label worth mentioning. The DJ, producer and label head constantly pushes house forwards in his own way, dedicated to solid grooves and fad-free sounds that never fail to make his dance floors sweat.

This one kicks off with Scarface which was first played at Miami Music Week by Jamie Jones’s Paradise party at Factory Town to 10,000 and went off! It’s chiselled from rock – the drums swing low and the bass is tight, with menacing vocals carefully deployed up top. It’s full of attitude and sure to get huge reactions. The Wheats remix strips it right back and lets it roll with rubbery kick and gritty percussion next to plenty of smart filters and synth details that all pump it up. Syrossian then takes it deep with the hot and steamy Oh Yeah which drives on powerful kicks and has nice molten chords and a vocal that brings to mind Chicago classics. Right There closes down with the most fiery tune of the lot – the raw drums and scraping percussion hit hard next to big chord stabs and sleazy vocals.

These are four excellently produced dance floor weapons full of character.

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