Premiere: Sante Sansone – Live It Up [TBX Records]

TBX Records crew is happy to introduce Sante Sansone and his exceptional new release, ‘Live it up’. This free-tracker showcases Sansone’s impeccable craftsmanship and promises an exhilarating experience. The title track is centered around a meticulously crafted bass line, complemented by pecugliliar percussion glitches and captivating vocals that together create an irresistibly groovy vibe. Following next is ‘Key the system’, which brings deeper vibes to the forefront. Mesmerizing atmospheric elements blend seamlessly with a groovy drum beat, while an old-school vocal adds the perfect touch to keep you in motion. Lastly, ‘Push’ takes a more underground approach, offering glitchy vocals, a tight beat, and a bouncy bassline that collectively exude an unmistakable allure. Get ready to be swept away by this captivating release from Sante Sansone

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