Premiere: J Gabriel & Mojo District – Combo [Onysia]

Onysia’s colourful catalogue extends even further in 2023 as they expand their output into the realms of digital. The first body of work seeing the light of the day in this avenue will be J Gabriel & Mojo Districts “Midnight Combo” five tracker. The talented pairing delve deep into the world of slick minimal, emotive house, jazzy drum rhythms and more. Providing a stellar package for various moods and moments throughout the day or night. You choose.

Bright and shimmering sounds breathe life into the opening track “St. Bastion”, a perfect tool to lift the day/after party into the next gear. “We Do” is driven by an irresistible hi-hat groove, brushing past as an elasticated groove takes place beneath your feet. Jazz infused house music at its finest in “Tomorrow” classy, but maintains the infectious groove the pair have managed to capture throughout the EP. “Combo” has that nostalgic minimal essence where each element works in harmony, taking you for a walk as the eccentric textures continue to develop. The aptly “Midnight Kiss” track bids you farewell to this EP with a distinct house sophistication about it, feeling good energy pouring through the seams.

Onysia continues to prove themselves as an essential label for modern day tastemakers with lots more music on the horizon!

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