Premiere: Figi & San Proper – Let It Bleed (David Gtronic Remix) [Personality Disorder Music]

“A Place For Love” is a captivating electronic house music endeavor, expertly crafted by the synergistic partnership of San Proper and Figi, hailing from the vibrant city of Amsterdam. The project boasts an impressive roster of guest contributors, including Tom Trago, Seth Troxler, and the esteemed label heads of Guti & David Gtronic, each imbuing the compositions with their signature style. The project exudes a funky, charming, and inviting energy, inviting listeners to fully embrace their individuality and lose themselves in the hypnotic beats. Whether it be the electrifying dubby techno, the shimmering and ethereal twists, or the razor-sharp edges injected into the club-ready tracks, “A Place For Love” offers a diverse array of auditory delights. It is truly a sanctuary for those seeking to indulge in the boundless beauty of electronic music and the euphoria of self

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