Premiere: ADR (UK) – Sorry About This Calendar [Belief]

ADR has rapidly built a reputation for his captivating acid-infused productions and performances.

From early on, the originality of his productions instantly stood out, receiving attention from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac at just 18 years old, resulting in airplay and gaining national recognition.

Since then he has continued in the studio honing his craft and returns with a slew of high-impact releases on some of the most respected imprints in underground house music.

Flexing his full range and style, each cut tickles a different corner of the dancefloor. Kicking things off with ‘The Showroom’, a full-bodied, deep and dark, bass-heavy roller. ‘Koko’ then follows, which includes a more layered landscape, with an acid tinge, ready for those peak dancefloor moments. The other side continues with ‘No Place Like Øhm’, a softer cut with lush cosmic chords making for some pleasant dance floor intimacy. Finally, the EP concludes with ‘Sorry About This Calendar’, an uplifting track, with bubbling house drums and tumbling synth colours.

Along with this release, ADR has more releases on the horizon, so there is no doubt at such a young age he has a bright future ahead of him.

Artwork attached, fan link here >>>