Premiere: ZYNK – Alex’s Organ Party [MicroHertz]

Archie Hamilton’s MicroHertz celebrates its One Year anniversary with a highly anticipated compilation featuring eight dancefloor tracks that Hamilton has been showcasing around the world during his recent shows.

MicroHertz is a label that prides itself on nurturing new and forward-thinking artists, providing them with a platform to develop their sound and reach a wider audience. The label has become a hub for innovative and experimental electronic music, featuring a diverse range of renowned and up-and-coming artists such as Luuk Van Dijk, Ben Rau, Sidney Charles, Maskery, Azaad, Milion, Danny Snowden, and more.

The MicroHertz sound is characterized by dynamic, deep, groovy basslines, punchy drum rhythms, and hypnotic melodies. The One Year of MicroHertz compilation features eight compelling tracks from Gaskin, Cristian Merino, Rayzir, James Dexter, Gabriel Evoke, Mariche, Mati Astroz, E.T.H, Palmiz, Paige Tomlinson, and ZYNK. These tracks range from fun, grooving bassline vocal tracks to hypnotic and well-crafted melodies, all the way through to punchy beat-driven tracks, each with its own unique twist that finds its way into Hamilton’s sets to perfection.

After an amazing first year of operations, MicroHertz continues to thrive as a label that values creativity, authenticity, and community. The One Year of MicroHertz compilation is a testament to the label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of minimal, and deep tech house sounds, and providing a platform for emerging talent.

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